Detailed Bookkeeping

Creates detailed bookkeeping records for all transactions

Document Archive

Store files permanently and safe with shared access

Working Together

Specific roles and features for owner, accounting and other parties

Annual Report

We generate a complete Annual Report and XBRL file (DK only at the moment)


Provides overview of your investments and transactions across different depositories


Transactions can be imported. Exchange rates are updated every day and automatically applied


Saving hours and hours of work with a series of reports

Investment Insights

Calculates annualized rates of returns for your investments

The Story

Portfolio.Help originates from a group of people who own and manage seven holding companies in total.

While initially oriented towards more complex holding companies like our own, we are now equally focused on features to help small holding companies.

The Plan

We need this system ourselves and we are going to make sure that it is the worlds best solution of its type.

We recently added features to create a complete Annual Report and XBRL file (Denmark only) and are now focused on improving usability.

The Advice

The Advice

Perhaps you are considering getting a holding company?

Perhaps you already have a simple holding company, but want to reduce the annual cost?

Perhaps you manage a securities portfolio and need financial accounting for monthly, quarterly or annual reports?

If so, sign up or get in touch :-)